About Us

Our Mission

The Connect Auto Parts mission is to connect the automotive industry like never before. Our approach is simple but effective. We connect mechanical workshops and everyday Australians to their automotive suppliers.

Our Location

We are Australian so you have the benefit of local knowledge and the speed of local delivery. Currently the Connect Auto Parts Marketplace is limited to South Australia. In time we will open it up Australia wide.

Our Team

Photograph of Phil Papalia, Founder and CEO of Connect Auto Parts
Founder - Philip Papalia

Connect Auto Parts is proudly South Australian owned and the website and marketplace app is 100% Australian designed and developed.

Phil Papalia has been in the automotive industry since the age of 15 years old. Phil is a qualified mechanic who has worked in a few key areas of the automotive industry; from mechanic, manager of an automotive parts supplier new and used and has also worked at a large dealership selling new and used cars.

Through this experience Phil has seen an opportunity to improve results for both the suppliers and buyers of parts. This is where the idea of Connect Auto Parts was born.

We want to put a stop to the back and forth of call after call waiting for your number or emails to be responded to and stop shopping for prices for hours from different suppliers.

It’s all here in one place!

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The Connect Auto Parts Marketplace

To source auto parts in Australia today you need to place a large number of calls or emails to different automotive suppliers chasing that part, or hours of scrolling through eBay, Gumtree, Facebook pages and different business websites still chasing that part.

The Connect Auto Parts Marketplace is built on the principle of a reverse auction.

In a reverse auction the roles of buyer and seller are reversed.

A Buyer starts a reverse auction with a Quote Request and Sellers then bid on the supply of the auto parts. The outcome is that prices often FALL  over time rather than rising. 

Find out about Reverse Auctions

We want to save you time, and put BUYERS in control with a selection of quotes from trusted suppliers.

Our website and app aim to put the buyer in control. All you need to do is request the part you're searching for and  THE SUPPLIERS will chase you!

Suppliers have a limited time to respond to a quote request with their best price.

How does it benefit Buyers?

The marketplace allows SELLERS to be more competitive and fits right into your existing business processes.

The marketplace does not allow undercutting as no one but the seller and the buyer can see your prices. Your quote goes direct to the buyer. No one can view your final price except you and the buyer.

How Does It Benefit Sellers?

How to Buy Parts

  1. Join Connect Auto Parts
  2. Start a Quote Request - it is a simple as entering your car's details (make, model, licence plate or VIN number), tell the sellers what your after and attach some pics if that helps you describe what you need
  3. Watch the quotes fly in from suppliers offereing their best prices and warranties to get you to purchase their part


Connect Auto Parts sends your Quote Request to every Seller who stocks your make of car with a variety of parts options.

Sellers in the market place can provide new, used and rebuilt parts.

Benefits for Buyers

The Sellers in the Connect Auto Parts Marketplace want you to buy their parts so give you their best price.

  • You don't chase the parts, let the parts chase you.
  • You set the time limit you want an answer from the suppliers 30 minutes, 2 hours, 3 hours, 1 day... The choice is yours.
  • The parts suppliers are now chasing you to meet the time frame you set.
  • You will get a response from our supplier network with quotes listed and organised for you.
  • You choose from the large variety of parts, and choose pick up or deliver.
  • You can select some or all of the parts listed in the quote, just contact the supplier to make a change to amounts.
  • You can buy from as many suppliers as you like, say there is a great deal and you want the parts in stock.

You will be dealing direct with the suppliers so there is no confusion or middle person involved.

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