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You can join the site as a Seller (selling parts), a Buyer (buying parts), or Both!

At the moment we are most active in South Australia but we are now live and expanding nationally. Register your interest to know more about the network's growth in your region.

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Here at Connect Auto Parts We do this using what we call a REVERSE AUCTION system. Using this system the prices of parts DROP rather than climb like in your typical auction.  THE SUPPLIERS WANT YOU TO PURCHASE THEIR PARTS.

A diagram explaining how the reverse auction works.

  1. Simply sign up to Connect Auto Parts 
  2. Put in your cars details rego/VIN number and attach some pics, tell the suppliers what you're after - engine, transmission, differental, etc.
  3. THATS IT!
  4. Watch the quotes fly in from suppliers offereing their best prices and warranties to get you to purchase their parts


Connect Auto Parts tailor filters the system to send your quote to every SUPPLIER that actually stocks your make of car with all variety of parts options NEW, USED AND REBUILT PARTS.

Saving you from chasing the parts, let the parts chase you.

Set your time limit you want an answer from the suppliers 2 hours, 3 hours, 1 day, etc.

The parts suppliers are now literally chasing you with the time frame you set.

You will get a guaranteed response from our suppliers with either NO PARTS AVAILABLE or a YES with prices attached and you choose from the large variety of parts options, choose pick up or deliver.

You will be dealing DIRECT with the suppliers so there is no confusion or middle person involved.

  • As a Supplier you can take control of the information you see - filter and tailor the quote requests for your business to the makes and models you stock.

  • As a Supplier you can change and update these filters as often as you want - this allows you to see the demand in the market and opening you up to expand your business to more or different makes models and in turn more customers.

  • As a Buyer your able to attach specific details to your quote vin number, rego number and pictures making the quoting process easier, less time spent on the phone less mistakes or wrong parts being sent and ordered. 

  • As a Buyer your able to send your quotoes off to a variety of suppliers all at the same time NEW, USED, REBUILT putting a stop to the time spent making a number of calls and searching through different suppliers.

Connecting the right part from the right sellers at the right price. Save time chasing parts.