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Currently we are in beta testing and are open only to new members from South Australia.

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Connect Auto Parts is a small South Australian owned Business with over 13 years experience in the automotive industry. We have created a smart all in one quote and location service tool for the automotive industry.  

At Connect Auto Parts we have the connections in new, used and rebuilt automotive parts.  Whether you are a workshop, wrecker or retail part supplier you can save time, save money and give your business the best opportunity to make more turnover and profit on auto parts. 

You join the Connect Auto Parts marketplace as a Buyer. To request a quote you put in your car rego or VIN number and a few details about the part you are interested in purchasing. Give all sellers a time limit you need an answer by and send your request for quote in. 

Instantly your quote request will be placed in the hands of the right sellers. If you need Mazda parts your quote request will be sent to the suppliers who have nominated they have parts for all makes and model Mazda’s. This is all suppliers, including new, used and rebuilt parts giving you options and the ability to compare bids dand place your order all on the same screen. 

You then deal directly with the part suppliers for payment, pick up or delivery and everything else you need to ge the part in your hands at the right price. 

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The benefit for buyers to use the Connect Auto Parts Marketplace is real. We are taking the chase out of chasing auto parts, the suppliers now chase you and offer you the guaranteed best prices and warranties they can offer to get you to purchase their parts. 

  • Buyers are able to send a request for quote out for a number of options (new, used and rebuilt) reaching a network of auto parts suppliers all at the same time. 
  • Buyers will save time on their phone calling supplier after supplier searching for that one part they are after.
  • Buyers requests for quote in the reverse auction hit the screen of the right suppliers for the make and model requested and buyers will receive the best price from them. 
  • Buyers will no longer need to look through business web pages searching for their car. Let the car parts suppliers tell you directly what they have at what price. 
  • Buyers no longer need to search and scroll through other platforms to find someone who has parts for their model car. 
  • Workshops no longer need to take their your mechanics off the job to help on the phones locating parts.

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Calling or emailing your local wrecker or parts supplier only does one thing - get you 1 price from 1 location or you get a sorry we have no parts available for your car at the moment. Then you have to repeat the process again and again and again, until you find what you are after.

You also risk purchasing from unknown, not rated or unregistered businesses.

Wreckers and parts suppliers are interested in one thing only, that’s getting you to purchase their parts. They are not interested in helping you find or purchase from their competitors why would they? This is business no one gives away money. 

If they don’t have the parts available they may try to purchase the part for you using their contacts put a big mark up on top of the price and you are now left with a huge price In front of you. 

Connect Auto Parts takes away this whole process, takes on all the effort for you with a goal of making these transactions simple and fair. That's it!

You join the Connect Auto Parts marketplace as a Seller or a Trader and nominate what makes of car you stock parts for e.g. Mazda, Toyota and Holden. 

You will now only receive requests for quote from buyers who are seeking parts in the makes you have nominated. You will have a chance to win every single quote that hits your screen.

We accept all registered part suppliers with an ABN which includes retail suppliers, wreckers and workshops selling new, used and rebuilt parts.

The Connect Auto Parts Marketplace will give your business the opportuntiy to reach more customers and develop new client networks. You will no longer have missed opportunities like you may have before on the outdated radio hotline system or when you have missed calls or have been swamped in emails not relevant to your business.

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Suppliers of auto parts join the Connect Auto Parts market place as Sellers or Traders (businesses who buy and sell). Both Sellers and Traders are able to filter requests for quotes to come through to them for brands and manufacturers that they have parts for. These requests will be listed in a convenient dashboard. 

  • Suppliers are able to bid in the reverse auction for amu number of parts all at the same time - new, used and rebuilt. 
  • Suppliers will be receiving requests for quotes from trade customers and retail customers that are not in their existing networks expanding their reach to new customers. 
  • When Connect Auto Parts advertises we are advertising the connections we have with the suppliers in the markteplace network. 
  • As a supplier on Connect Auto Parts you will never miss out, you are guaranteed to receive every relevant quote request that comes through the system. 
  • Every quote coming through the marketplace will come through with the information you need to quote efficiency and correctly. This includes VIN number or rego number and pictures of the vehicles or parts the buyers supply with the quote. 
  • Save time answering a large number of calls and putting the customers on hold during busy periods. 
  • You can advertise you business in the platform and guarantee your prices listed at the top the buyers screen regardless of time responded or price.

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Here at Connect Auto Parts we are a new Australian run and owned business but we have been in the automotive industry for 13 years.

We have been on both sides of the auto parts industry, purchasing parts for our workshop and selling to retail and automotive mechanics and workshops in South Australia and interstate.

We are familiar with the chasing of parts and missing out on sales. We know the issues and have built the Connect Auto Parts Marketplace with your needs in mind. No longer be left in the dark, forgotten about or just never replied to about your part search. 

We have been building this system for over 2 years to make sure we get it perfect. You will find an easy process to buy and sell automotive parts all in one location from start to finish.  

Request, Find and Order

We do believe that the Connect Auto Parts marketplace will be the one and only stop for any retail customer and mechanical or automotive workshops with a guaranteed response from suppliers. 

Connect Auto Parts does not sell any automotive parts. 

We are a online marketplace built to connect the automotive industry and retail customers together. 

You can subscribe as a buyer or seller for a monthly fee as long as you are a registered business with a current ABN. 

You can purchase information from our Connect Auto Data system. If you're looking at a used car to purchase we are able to tell you everything from whether it has previously been written off, stolen to confirming the make, model & year of manufacture for a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

Connect Auto Parts believes you should be able to try before you buy. We offer a 2 month free trial of our marketplace with no obligation & no lock in contract. If you are not happy with the system or believe your business won’t benefit from it you are able to leave at the end of the free trial. 

If you believe Connect Auto Parts Marketplace can be a benefit to your business and save you time and capitalize on the competitive parts prices on offer within the platform it’s a monthly subscription as follows month by month. 

Subscriptions & Pricing

Connect Auto Data a package that any registered business with an ABN can purchase to help their business, workshops, traders and suppliers alike. It is suitable for those that don’t already have Rego or VIN lookup systems in place. 

Connect auto data is a simple but detailed tool.

You put in your cars details either rego and state or VIN number and it searches for the cars details and brings up everything you need to know to be able to bid in the marketplace or work on the vehicle even if it’s not hit he workshop yet. 

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Yes, Sellers in the Connect Auto Parts Marketplace deliver to you.

If your not able to pick up the parts or you are too far away our partner freight companies can provide quotes to get your parts delivered to you. 

Please note - Your location and what time of day it is when you make your request for delivery will effect the delivery turnaround for your parts.  

No, sorry Connect Auto Parts does not fit the parts you have purchased for your car... But we hope in the future we can have a system in place. We are thinking that you could ask for a fitting price in your quote. Workshops are also able to view and price this fitting for you while you are searching for your parts. This would mean that you can have all your questions answered and a total price In front of you start to finish. 

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Yes this is the whole reason for us creating Connect Auto Parts.  We take out the chase in chasing parts.

No longer having to call up individual parts. When you submit a request for quote you get a response from Sellers and Traders in our suppliers network with either a bid and prices for a list of parts or a confirmation that they have no parts available. 

We put all of this on one platform one location so all you need to do is log into our app using your computer or phone you will be notified regardless of parts are available or not available. You wont need to chase up suppliers wondering if they have your needed parts or not. 

No, we have built the Connect Auto Parts Marketplace for trade and retail it’s built for everyone.

Our goal is to connect parts suppliers, automotive workshops and retail suppliers along with everyday Australians. 

Take the confusion and frustration out of searching for automotive parts with our easy to use marketplace app.  Available in the Apple and Google Play stores or right on your computer.

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Yes the way Connect Auto Parts Marketplace has been built is to be as informative as possible. You will be notified regardless if there are suppliers that have your parts or even if they dont so your not left wondering and having to chase up the parts all over again. 

Notifications can be received via email or on our platform dashboard and received quotes screens.

Using Connect Auto Parts you can purchase new genuine and non genuine parts used and rebuilt parts from our large range of automotive parts suppliers. 

Connect Auto Parts itself is not a retailer we are a search find and filter quote system for the automotive industry and retail, created and built right here in Australia. 

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