Were Putting you in control

The Benefits for our Buyers

Both for Trade and General Public Alike...

Using the Connect Auto Parts Marketplace will make parts prices more competitive as everyone will receive the request for quote & have a chance to bid on it. Therefore the buyer will be getting the guaranteed best price from the suppliers network, allowing trade customers like workshops to have a better profit margin on the parts they purchase from suppliers.

Other benefits include;

  • Workshops are able to keep track of purchase orders, credits and warranties all on the same platform.
  • Able to give the customer a variety of choice new used and rebuilt parts all at the same time.
  • Able to send a number of quotes to a variety of suppliers at the same time new used and rebuilt
  • Able to attach details to quotes vin number rego number and pictures making the quoting process
    easier less time spent on the phone less mistakes or wrong parts sent / ordered.
  • Connect Auto Parts will take out the chase in chasing parts, the suppliers now chase you for your job offering you the best price and warranties they can offer to get you to purchase their parts.
  • No longer having to just rely on your regular suppliers, Connect Auto Parts will open you up to suppliers you never knew existed and a huge range of parts from an aray of makes and models.
  • Calling your regular suppliers does not guarantee you getting the best price or the best quality, putting them up against their competition and comparing them next to each other definitely does.

How To Buy Parts 

Buying parts takes just a few easy steps.

  1. Join Connect Auto Parts Marketplace
  2. You can start requesting quotes straight away.
  3. Enter the car details, the timeframe you are allowing for responses in the auction
  4. Watch the bids to sell you a part roll in until the auction timeframe ends
  5. Review the bids from Sellers, you can use the bolt rating as well as price and timeframe to help you decide
  6. Accept a bid or ask for an adjusted quantity
  7. Deal directly with the Seller to arrange payment and delivery
  8. Rate the Seller to improve trust in the network

With our system you will be able to track purchases, dates, times, orders, monthly spending and turnover.

You can be sure Connect Auto Parts is working to benefit YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.

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