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From our users

Waterlook Wreckers

Our family business Waterloo Wreckers have been using Connect auto parts for few months now. as a part supplier our business has increased, we get more part request and also, have done few big sales engine or transmission and body panels. very easy to use. takes about 5 seconds for each part request. definitely would recommend using because parts that have been sitting there for couple of years can be out of your shelfs.

David from Hampstead Auto Repairs

Been using your connect auto parts system finding it great as its saving my manager multiple calls to different auto wreckers. Defiantly will carry on using your program.

Leigh from Monkey Grip Automotive

Amazing and so time saving in finding the right part for the vehicle your searching for, I’m not one for talking to people on the phone as it takes up so much time so this parts app is feckin amazing and il keep on using it as it works wonders for me and I’d recommend it a billion times so jump on guys and start using connect with Phil  👌🏻 👌🏻

Alij from Northern Pick a Part

Connect Auto Parts has provided us with a new platform to reach new target audiences and customer bases be it from the general public, crash repairs, or local and interstate mechanics. With a simple and user-friendly layout, it is easy to learn and even easier to use. So far, Connect Auto has  definitely been worth the investment and we look forward to growing our consumer base as more users join the platform.

Spring from Vinh Toan Crash Repairs

I have been using Connect Auto Parts for about 4 months. Even though the time is short, I discover it the best website I have ever searched because of the following reasons:
1) Fastest and easiest way to find the parts, particularly the second hand ones. I just post the information of the car and after a few minutes, there’s at least one quote. This save me much time. Before I had to ring the wreckers to ask parts and it took me hours or even many days.
2) Good price. I can compare the price from the wreckers and choose the best one.
3) I can require the part number colour in the quote.
4) Smart design when I can post the photos of the cars. This is helpful for the suppliers to find correct parts for us.
I hope that more wreckers and suppliers will join the website for the repairers to find parts fast and easily.

Joe & Melina Directors of Dry Creek Auto Wreckers

Dry Creek Auto Wreckers can highly recommend Connect Auto Parts platform which is an easy and effective parts locating program to use.
Excellent for auto dismantling and mechanical workshops to connect, communicate and save time. Since joining, we have grown our customer base which includes mechanical workshops and general public. Our overall income since using Connect Auto Parts has increased which is proof the program works.
An easy, effective and time saving platform, we can reply to our customers with all their parts information they need and provide our best prices. NO ONE else can see our prices quoted, just the customer, which is great. If you own any type of automotive parts business, either auto wreckers, new parts supplier, auto electrician, tyres or mechanical workshop join Connect Auto Parts to grow your business and income.
We will be a part of the Connect Auto Parts network for the upcoming future.

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