Australia's Online Car Part Market

The auto parts industry is a huge market place to be a part of in Australia. 

How big is the online market in Australia? It’s estimated to be worth 12 billion dollars alone this is just online sales. As of a survey in 2018 it’s estimated the auto parts industry is worth 37 billion to the Australian economy. That’s a monster number. 

The auto parts industry is so busy and competitive because there are so many car parts, car accessories car makes and models available in Australia today.

If we were to go back 30-40 years there were only a handful we could get our hands on but now with importing and overseas models overtaking the Australian market the auto parts industry has changed for ever. 

Auto parts are so easily accessible in today’s market it’s a quick online search or search of a auto parts website, the trick is buying the correct auto parts if your not a car enthusiast or have a bit of a background in the automotive industry. 

Our service, the Connect Auto Parts marketplace leaves the hard work in the hands of our auto parts suppliers. 

Simply ask the network what you are after and attach a picture of exactly what you need. All we need is your rego number or your VIN number if you have it available to you and our auto parts professionals take care of the rest.

Watch the quotes roll in! Our supplier network will quote you on the parts they have available for your car.

Giving the consumer the opportunity to choose if they are after the best quality or the best price so you don’t have to compromise. 

Give Connect Auto Parts a go it will save you time and money, can be a key tool in your business selling and buying car parts or car accessories.

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