Why are Car Parts Expensive?

Some workshops and retail customers ask "why are car parts so expensive?" but in most cases they don't need to be.

In the current market for car parts in Australia, suppliers are distributing new, used and rebuilt and imported car parts. Really, we have never had more parts options!

The difficult bit, when it comes to car parts, is finding them at an affordable price to suit anyone’s budget and in a suitable time frame so your car is not off the road for too long. 

Searching for car parts in search engines, just using key words of what you need, is very time consuming. You then need to search through a number of websites and even Gumtree and Facebook Ads, and sometimes being short of time we buy the first part we find and most of the time it’s the most expensive because of heavy and smart marketing.

There is also the risk of buying the completely wrong part.

The next issue is that when you do buy these car parts is whether they have a warranty? Or what if I have a problem with them, can the parts supplier be trusted for a return or refund if faulty? 

This is where Connect Auto Parts is here to help save you time and money. 

We source the very best suppliers we can on our network for car parts for all makes and models.

You don’t have to be a professional or even know anything about cars to use our simple friendly marketplace in a browser or through the mobile app. 

Your car part request goes direct to the suppliers and you are able to describe what you need and add pictures to help show or explain to suppliers exactly what you need. 

With our number of parts suppliers you are able to save time and money, allowing the consumer to choose from the best quality or the best prices, so you don’t have to compromise in any way the consumers are in full control. 

Connect Auto Parts - making the car parts game easier than ever.